Song Rating

Episode 6 - A Hard Day's Night

Billy and Jay are back! The guys peel back the layers of the Glass Onion on this Beatles classic. So much information in this episode…what’s a malapropism? Can Billy and Jay unlock the mystery of the opening chord? Who wrote this song and how quickly? What are the issues performing it live? How many Glass Onions for this song/album/movie? Listen and find out!

Episode 3 - I've Got A Feeling

Jay and Billy discuss I’ve Got A Feeling from the Let It Be soundtrack. Enjoy an in-depth exploration of the final true Lennon and McCartney song.

Episode 1 - Love Me Do

An in-depth look at The Beatles' first single, Love Me Do. Billy and Jay walk you through different layers of the song...songwriting, recording, performing it live, interesting facts about the song and rate it using their unique Glass Onion rating system.