Rock Legends: The Audience Customized Concert

Starring Billy McGuigan and Tara Vaughan


Part rock concert…part rock tribute…all rock n’ roll. Rock Legends combines all of these elements to create a show that is the only one of its kind. In this unique rock and roll revue created by audience favorite Billy McGuigan, audiences are given the opportunity to vote, through the power of their applause, for the songs and music they want to hear.

Rock Legends musical choices take audiences on a journey from the 50’s rock and roll of Elvis, Buddy, and Patsy Cline, to the psychedelic 60s of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Janis Joplin. They’ll hit the groove of the 70’s with the Bee Gees, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles and the piano men – Billy and Elton and even dabble in the music of the 80s with the likes of Tom Petty, U2 and more! Rock Legends takes on the personality and taste of the audience making each show unique!

Rock Legends combines a dazzling performance of this music with some of the best musicians in the country and a stunning mulitmedia show to create an evening of pure rock and roll, customized and created by your audience!



With deep talent and long memories, Billy McGuigan’s Rock Legends proved their ability to program a set on the fly, weaving audience suggestions into a solid evening of musical recreation. Imperial Theatre’s 2013-2014 Rock Legends Series audience was thrilled, and so were we, to be able to present such a great show!”
Imperial Theatre, St. John, New Brunswick
What can I say? Billy McGuigan and Company have put together another Top Notch show! Rock Legends, its awesome vocals and talented musicians will impress young and old alike. Rock Legends is a high quality, entertaining tribute to some of the world’s best musical groups ever! You do not want to miss this show! I would not hesitate to bring Billy back again.”
Dan Heerts, Arts Director, Heider Center for the Arts
Rock Legends: People's Choice

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