Yesterday and Today: The Interactive Beatles Experience

Starring Billy, Matthew and Ryan McGuigan

Rock to the music of the Beatles in an all new interactive concert experience where the audience creates the playlist for the night… EVERY NIGHT!

There’s no denying that everyone has a Beatles song attached to an event in their life. Through laughter and personal stories, Yesterday and Today:┬áThe Interactive Beatles Experience┬áconnects the audience and performers in a way like none other. Each performance becomes a unique and remarkable event.

With dead-on musical precision and stunning set designs, your theatre will be immersed in the sights, sounds and memories of the 1960’s.

What’s your favorite Beatles song? When asked this question, people don’t just tell you the name of the song. They tell you a story associated with that song – about a first love, a first kiss or a touching story about a parent or the loss of a loved one. Simply put, The Beatles music is the soundtrack to our lives. Yesterday and Today gets to the heart of that. This show takes the incredible music of The Beatles and personalizes it with the stories and perspectives of audience members. The show becomes a therapeutic musical session with laughter and tears and personal stories that connect the audience, band and performers in a way that no other show can.
The performance consists of 2 1/2 to 3 hours of music, depending on the voracity of audience interaction. The set list contains songs chosen by audience members prior to the show and again at intermission. Audience members’ stories will be told throughout an evening that captures the importance of The Beatles music and how it touches all of us individually. Yesterday and Today is a unique Beatles tribute show. The Yesterday and Today cast does not dress as The Beatles, nor attempt to execute “Liverpudlian” accents. The concentration is on presenting the music in a personal, giving, exciting, and well-executed manner.
As audience members come into the theatre, they are invited to go to the Song Request table. To make requests, people fill out a card giving their names, the songs they are requesting and the reason they have chosen those songs. The band then organizes the requests into that night’s set list. Billy leads the show interacting with the audience members, drawing out more of the stories with the songs, driving the show’s narrative. An incredibly electric atmosphere is created where audience members feel as important to the show as the band. It is important to emphasize that because every Yesterday and Today performance is driven by its unique audience, each performance is different, making this a show that has a long shelf-life in theaters for long runs and annual favorite events!


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