Billy McGuigan is a musical chameleon.
His musical versatility is incredible!

What you get with BILLY MCGUIGAN

Billy McGuigan is a super talent. He’s the guy that brings you ready to rock (and roll) shows that fit your stage and wow your audiences. Select from three national hit touring shows that feature the music of Buddy Holly, the Beatles, and Rock Legends across the era. Connect now to Production Manager Kate Whitecotton to learn more.

Meet Billy and the Band.

Fall Conferences

Yesterday and Today: The Interactive Beatles Experience will be SHOWCASING at Arts Midwest in Kansas City.
September 10 | 6:35pm | Folly Theater

Find Rave On Productions at the following Conferences:
WAA Booth 305 | Vancouver, BC, Canada

Arts Midwest Booth 442 | Kansas City, MO

APAP Booth 1111 | New York, NY

Contact Kate Whitecotton to set up an appointment!